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Diamond / CBN Double Side Lapping Machine

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  1. Use of fixed pellet allows "high precision", "even grinding on both sides", "processing", "little warping". Increased stock removal rate reduces the process time.
  2. No abrasive, so there is no worry about damaging the work enviroment.
  3. Workpiece with holes or dents can be processed without a hitch.
  4. More economical than abrasive machines since there is less wear on the carrier, internal gear and sun gear.
  5. Workpieces are easily cleaned, speeding up movement to the next process.
  6. Water soluble grinding fluid is used, so sludge can be processed with a centrifuge, improving the work environment in comparision to free abrasive lapping
  7. Automatic pressure conversion sytem(first stage, second stage, third stage)used. All you have to do is set the time and pressure for each stage for simple rough, intermediate and finishing processing.
  8. Automatic numerical thickness controller can process within tolerance of 0.005mm even when the thickness of workpieces are different.
  9. The upper plate is raised and lowered automatically with an air cylinder, so there is no need to worry about breakage even with thin workpiece. Mis-chucking can be verified from the digital reabout, making it easy for anyone to the unit.
  10. Safety devices prevent the upper plate from falling, keeping safet first at all time.
  11. The load cell has been installed to watch the present pressure for high efficient process.


Machine Type SYD-630 SYD-850
Plate Dimensions(O.DxI.DxT) ø37xø35x50 ø50xø60x60
Ring Width 201 245
R.P.M/Drive Output Upper Plat Speed 0-80rpm/3.7kw
Lower Plate Speed 0-80rpm/3.7kw
Sun Gear Speed 0-50rpm/2.2kw
Carrier Specifications P.C.D=228.6 Z=108,
Dp=12, 9"x5pcs
P.C.D=283.6 Z=134,
Dp=12, 12"x6pcs
Machine Dimensions(WxDxH)mm 1150x1300x2434 1150x1300x2560
Machine Weight(kg) 4,000kg 4,500kg
Power Supply 220V 3ø 11.3kw 220V 3ø 11.3kw
Max. Work Parts ø50 ø85


Most existing material including steels can be processed with SOONYANG Double Side Lapping Machine(Sintered Metals, etc)

  • Metal
  • Ceramics(Alumina, Nitride, PZT)
  • Glasses
  • Quarts
  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Ferrite
  • Aluminum
  • Copper