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Diamond / CBN Single Side Lapping M/C

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  1. SYD single side machine keeps clean environmental since it is processed without slurry.
  2. It allows high precision and stock removal rate by using fixed pellet.
  3. 3. With auto pressure change device, 4 steps process setting for cycle time and pressure is available.
  4. 4. Gap Load function promotes the efficiency of processing.
  5. 5. Dead Weight feature allows easy processing for brittle application.
  6. 6. Cylinder and bushing are aligned as a unity. Therefore, applied pressure for each application is uniform and cylinder lifetime is longer.


Machine Type SYD-850S SYD-1200S
Plate dimension (O.D X I.D X T) Ф850 x Ф250 x 50T Ф1180 x Ф2810 x 50T
R.P.M/drive out Plate Speed 0~60rpm / 5.5Kw 0~60rpm / 7.5Kw
Sun Gear Speed 0~60rpm / 2.2Kw 0~60rpm / 2.2Kw
Ring Gear specifications M=3, Z=124, PCD=372 M=2, Z=253, PCD=506
Machine dimensision (W X D X H)mm 1500 x1500 x2200 1900 x 2000 x2400
Machine weight(kg) 4,000Kg 4,500Kg
Power supply 380(220)V, 3Phase 9.5Kw, 60Hz 380(220)V, 3Phase 9.5Kw, 60Hz
Max. Work parts Ф300mm Ф450mm